Divine Chocolate – 70%

Divine Chocolate is a fair trade chocolate maker that produces chocolate from cacao grown in Ghana. It is associated with a farmer’s co-op called Kuapa Kokoo, which is also one of the larger shareholders in the company. Read more about them here.

The 70% chocolate bar has an earthy aroma that is sweet, like being outdoors. The flavor is warm and woodsy, and it has a very smooth and surprisingly creamy texture. It strikes a pleasant balance between sweet and bitter. I’d definitely put this on top of my favorites list.

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Patric Chocolate – 70% Madagascar bar

Patric Chocolate is a chocolate maker based in Columbia, Missouri. A relatively new chocolatier, Patric makes single origin chocolate bars out of simple but pure ingredients (only two on the list: cocoa beans and sugar). The cocoa beans are from a single plantation in the Sambirano Valley, Madagascar, and the bars are produced in small batches at the Patric facility. The company claims its goal is “to create micro-batch chocolate of such quality that it becomes a flavorful work of art in itself, like the finest wine or Scotch–a magical sensory experience.” Pretty cool..so of course I must taste!

The bar has a sweet aroma, almost flowery, with rich undertones. At first, the chocolate tastes slightly acidic, but as it melts, it mellows and takes on a more fruity flavor: cherry and blackberry. As it melts away, the aftertaste is rich and chocolatey – more of an earthy taste of chocolate than a bitter one. A little of this goes a long way, it’s very satisfying!

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