Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory – Semisweet Truffle

I walked by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory shop at the Salt Lake City International Airport, and therefore couldn’t resist peering in the glass display case at the rows of candies. I chose one labeled Semisweet Truffle, because after my Bering’s experience, anything milk chocolate would probably be too sweet.

To taste the truffle, which was coated in a hard chocolate shell, I cut it in half and tasted the shell and the filling separately, and then together.

The shell wasn’t a very dark chocolate, as it was very soft and melted easily, but it did have a warm, woodsy taste. It was semisweet, but much better than say, nestle semisweet chocolate chips. I would guess that it didn’t have any artificial vanilla.

The chocolate filling was smooth and creamy and had a subtle fruity flavor, like cherry.

The flavors and textures marry nicely together, the slight bitterness of the shell balances the sweeter creamy filling.

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Bering’s Mousse Truffle and Espresso Truffle

So I was out shopping for hardware and components for a project I’m working on, and entered a store called Bering’s. I guess I didn’t pay much attention to the tagline that said “Hardware & Gifts” because I was completely shocked when I entered and the first thing I saw was a chocolate counter (and not drawers of screws and bolts). So, in addition to my tubing and metal rods, I had to buy some chocolates while I was there.

The first one I got was a Mousse Truffle. I was a little disappointed in it. The milk chocolate shell was very smooth, but the mousse filling was entirely too sugary and vanilla flavored. I was hoping for a denser, rich flavor.

The Espresso Truffle was a little better, mostly because it had a dark chocolate shell. The filling was still a little on the sweet side, though the bitterness of the espresso (and the coffee bean on top) balanced it out.

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