Veritas – True Flats Milk with Cacao Nibs

This Veritas True Flat bar is constructed different than most: it doesn’t look like a typical chocolate “bar”… it’s just a slab of chocolate with cacao nibs sprinkled over the top. This bar is a 32% milk (hmm that’s the lowest cocoa percentage I’ve had in a while. This will be interesting). The chocolate is all-natural (hooray) and they claim to get all their cacao nibs from either the Ivory Coast or South America. That looks pretty good on the package, but I think most cacao comes from those two locations, so I’m not convinced they can claim to satisfy the “origin-seeking chocolate purist” unless they can truly specify a single origin of their chocolate.

The chocolate has a faint flowery aroma to it under the sweet cream.

The flavor is very sweet… I have difficulty tasting the chocolate at first. The small cacao nibs sprinkled on top are the saving grace of this bar: they add a satisfying crunch and a hint of the bitter cacao flavor that I really love under the creamy, sugary chocolate base.

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  1. How am I supposed to “taste” chocolates that have nibs…. I know that sounds dumb but…

    For regular chocolate I break the square in half, listen to snap, smell, and put the half in my mouth to let it melt. I never bite the chocolate and if i need to break it into smaller pieces I use my tongue… This is how I was told to taste chocolate… but I may not be doing it right. Imagine that.. not eating chocolate correctly o.O

    (a blog post on different ways to taste chocolate would be great!!)

    • Great question 🙂 In the case of the Veritas chocolate, the nibs were sprinkled on top, so I took the opportunity to brush off the nibs from one of the small pieces I was trying to taste the chocolate, and then ate another with the nibs on in order to experience the chocolate as it was intended – with the crunch included. A blog about tasting chocolate is forthcoming – good idea. If you want more serious reading on the subject I highly recommend a book by Chloe Doutre-Roussel called “The Chocolate Connoisseur”. You can read an excerpt of it from her website.

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