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I have always adored chocolate. While calling myself a “chocoholic” implies that it is an unhealthy passion, it is true I can barely go a day without a taste of the magnificent stuff. However, one day I was eating a generic dark chocolate bar when I realized that I didn’t really know chocolate.

Where did this bar I was eating come from? How was it made? What makes a good chocolate bar? That was when I decided I wanted to become a chocolate connoisseur. So, I’m starting this blog to chart my progress through tasting new and exciting kinds of chocolate, and eventually tracking my quest through the shops of the best chocolatiers in the world!

I began by doing some background research (I am a scientist, so this was a logical place to start). I read “The True History of Chocolate” by Sophie and Michael Coe, and it was fascinating. It was probably the best book I read last year, though it resulted in me annoying my friends and family with “Did you know..” conversations. Following the history of chocolate, I picked up “The Chocolate Connoisseur” by Chloe Doutre-Roussel which got me well on my way to learning how to properly choose, and then taste chocolate!!

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  1. Wow, cool blog! I have a personal 15 page typed document of all the chocolate bars I’ve eaten too, so seeing this website made me cheer! However, I do not go into your level of descriptive detail, and I have a loose ritual when it comes to chocolate tasting. As I’ve been told, “Chocolate is a slow food”, so I do my best to savor it as much as possible, even with my non-professional palate. Keep up the great work!

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